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A beautiful tune to start your week <3

“…how rare, and beautiful, it truly is that we exist” Living in a situation where your everyday existence is met by personal reflection on “what am I doing, what is the meaning of it and where is this leading to”

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Uncertainty expected so just get on with it

So as I mentioned in a previous post I recently attended my graduation ceremony. During the one week there I met a lot of my good friends who I studied with. They all live abroad in various countries so meeting

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Simple thing to give your mundane life a fresh perspective.

I’m sure a lot of you will have either heard of this or just figured/tried it out yourselves. Most of us who are let’s say in what people would consider a steady, stable repetitive stage of life (some would call

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A car with it’s own mind..

So yesterday I drove over to my friends in the evening to have a guys night, just playing some X-box, drinking beer, sauna, pizza and talking bs (the stereotypical guys night). After 2 am it was time to drive back

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Creativity flows.

  I have recently come to realize that I have cycles of creativity. I love being creative and dabble in a wide range of things such as painting, video, pictures, writing, ideas but especially music production. It allows me to

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