Uncertainty expected so just get on with it

So as I mentioned in a previous post I recently attended my graduation ceremony. During the one week there I met a lot of my good friends who I studied with. They all live abroad in various countries so meeting them was amazing and probably wont happen on this large of a scale again where everyone is in one place at the same time.

Anyway, most of us are in our twenties, some early, some mid ans some late. And most of us are in the same life situation, fresh with a masters degree in a field which is extremely competitive, broad and complex (Conflict, Security and Development). And Most of us without an extensive background in similar work and not too well connected.
So as much as the graduation/reunion was amazing in all ways, there were a few things that observably dampened the mood sometimes. This was the inevitable and frustrating notion of the future and what it holds for each one of us individually as well as collectively seeing that we are like family. Many of us facing uncertainty after the graduation, having no jobs and no plans other than “looking for something”. Relying on family for a place to stay and something to eat for the time being.
The effect of this on the graduation/reunion was one of confusion with sporadic feelings of self-destruction and euphoria. We were all happy to be there with each other, to be done with studies, to have the whole life in fort of us, but equally sad not knowing where to go, what to do, when we would meet everyone again etc.

It is funny to see so many young, energetic, extremely capable people who only want to do good be in such a situation together. Its just complete chaos in terms of conversations, plans and visions. At some point we decided all to move off to a farm and build a little community whilst the next day we vowed to get into positions of powers and change the world. Other times we saw ourselves fighting and dying in another pointless war or ending up on some corner begging for money to get the next dose of drugs so as to better deal with reality. In any case and in any scenario we were very adamant that any of these visions were possible.

I guess to a certain extent many people go through such experiences of uncertainty and confusion. However it does concern me that (now I do not intend to sound elitists in anyway,I only want to recognize the fact that I know I am fortunate in comparison to many others) the people I have been describing to you, the graduates who are all wealthy enough to pay for university, travels, have networks, supporting family etc face such difficulties in pursuing careers or ambitions which are at the core meant to change the world to the better (as idealistic and naïve it may sound). I cant even imagine how hard it may be for others who have not been as fortunate.

So where is this world going to? What can we really do to these forces that limit and alter our dreams? It is very discouraging to be in a situation where you know that you want to do good and change the oppressive system but most likely will end up in the system reinforcing it.

I guess all we can do is to just get on with it, not try to change the way we see things, be resilient and not compromise our beliefs. Most importantly seek comfort from people who have the same mentality, open mind and specifically open heart.

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