A car with it’s own mind..

So yesterday I drove over to my friends in the evening to have a guys night, just playing some X-box, drinking beer, sauna, pizza and talking bs (the stereotypical guys night). After 2 am it was time to drive back home (I had only had one beer btw) but of course the car refused to start.. Its not a old car by any means and should run smooth but for some reason it just didn’t want to turn on.

So I borrowed my friends car to go pick up some jumper cables from a 24h gas station because evidently they had mysteriously disappeared from the car. Then connected the two cars to try and jump start it. Naturally this was not the issue, so we spent the next hour going over the car inch by inch. Everything was in place and there were no visible issues. After trying, failing and getting more frustrated with every passing minute we decided to call it a night (or morning) at 4 am. We figured we’d have to call a tow truck once we woke up.

Anyway so as I was about to head to bed I called my dad just to update on what was happening (he was doing a night shift at work). I told him the issue and what we had tried. For some random reason he told me to just go give it one more last attempt for the heck of it. So I got out tired and irritated, sat in the car and turned the ignition expecting the same result as the two previous hours. Amazingly however it turned on without any problems!

No explanations no nothing, it just turned on. Similarly today, there were no issues.

I am very confused at this point and slightly suspicious that I might have dreamt all this but my friend confirmed that we did go through all that hassle last night. Which leads me to believe that my car has its own mind and just needed some attention.


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