One of my good friends released her first EP!

Life Conversations by Adaora

Check it out!

I had the pleasure to meet her and become very close friends during our masters studies in the UK.

She’s an absolutely inspiring and amazing super-woman who is always smiling and is always helping others. She has a masters in global health, just finished her bar exams in law, been in the army and produces music (she’s at least 5 years younger than me).

Her loving spirit and non-stop hard working attitude is paying off. To see what I mean just have a listen to her first attempt at producing something seriously. She has a great voice and has written as well as co-produced all the songs you hear in this EP.

I’m just so proud and in awe of her and cant wait to see where she goes from here.

Show her some support if you enjoy it! 😉

Adaora – LifeConversations

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