My thoughts today – What do you think?

I often find myself in beautiful moments, where I stop to appreciate the complexity of my existence yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to this point. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously.

My thoughts then turn to people who, at that very moment are struggling to stay alive in the same world, which is also our only home. People that experience their own beautiful moments but who have been driven to the brink of their existence and now face loosing access to these moments.

What is my role in all of this?

Maybe my experience, whatever it may be, will help contribute to our collective understanding. Shedding light or perhaps just further confusing us about our brutal, beautifully, mysterious existence.

I guess we need to go through this journey both together and alone, without causing unnecessary harm in the process. Sharing this reality, accepting that we are all apart of this puzzle and not becoming obstacles to this constant exploration and self realization.

Humanity Reset – By Mighty Masai

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