Non-stop travel 2018: Part 10 – Diani

This set of pictures come form yet another wedding I attended in Kenya, Diani during Summer.

One of my close friends got hitched and decided to hold the wedding by the beach, which to me is always a safe bet. Weather was a bit shaky, with few showers and dark clouds constantly threatening the day, but luckily the wedding was spared of rain and the whole event was stunning and touching.

Diani in general is a wonderful place to visit for holidays by the beach. It is relatively untouched compared to Mombasa, the beaches are white and idyllic and there is this calm coasterian vibe.

Also, way too many people are getting married, most of my yearly holiday days are going to attending weddings.. I don’t mind weddings but they are not very relaxing in most cases. Just have to get married myself or stop having friends 😉

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