Non-stop travel 2018: Part 9 – Athi River

These beautiful random pictures were taken in Kenya in an area called Athi River which is about 30-60min drive outside of Nairobi. The urban area of Athi River (town) is nothing super interesting to behold as it is more of a transit point and hub for goods being transported between Mombasa and Nairobi.

However the surroundings especially towards Nairobi is mostly untouched wilderness and Savannah with diverse wildlife. It is here where one of my friends has a  ranch that I like to visit for a overnight camping trip or just for a relaxed day cruise.

Below are pictures from two such trips, an overnight trip and a day trip.

It really is magical to wake up in a tent in the middle of wildlife having a smoldering campfire on a ridge next to a active watering hole.

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