What is a website built with? Here is how you find out easily, free and quick.

Are you into websites and  building them? Or just curious about how they are built? Here is a tool which will give you the details of pretty much any website. What Type of: Web-server, Frameworks, Analytic and Tracking, Mobile platform, Widgets, Document information https://builtwith.com/ Hope this is of use to someone 🙂

Privilege visualized.

How does privilege look like and why do the “privileged” not see this disparity? Here is a short and simple visualized demonstration of the fundamental workings of privilege which can be applied to many of today’s societal rifts between the privileged and the non-privileged.

What does the sun really do to you? How the sun sees you: Putting people under the ultraviolet test.

This is actually a really good demonstration of the sun and our skin. You can also see how effective sunscreen is. Enjoy! http://mic.com/articles/96214/freaky-video-shows-what-sun-damage-is-doing-to-your-skin?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=main&utm_campaign=social