Posts missed!

Its been roughly 4 days now that I have not manged to post anything. Reason is I’ve been busy… Surprise! Anyway I was visiting some relatives a few hours from the capital. It was great but very cold! Now I’m back to the mundane routine. Time to catch up the missed posts.  

2 Missed posts..

Well missed 2 posts this time. Not a big deal obviously but somehow I always feel guilty when it happens. Its a weird feeling, anyway I have a totally legitimate reason for this horrible neglect. Moved to a new house, so that obviously took some time and effort, but finally I am all settled in … More 2 Missed posts..

2 Posts Missed..

So there’s a first time for everything. I missed posting for two days for the first time since starting this blog. Reason was my best-man duties. Had a very successful wedding this weekend for my friend and obviously there was no time to post anything. Anyway, I will catch up with the two missed posts … More 2 Posts Missed..

Looking for news?

In general and as some of you may notice, many of my posts have relied on Vice related stories. This is because I find most of their productions very interesting. Here is one series I have been follwing on ViceNews. This is their “Vice News Daily: Beyond The Headlines” series. These are short videos on … More Looking for news?