What pc tools to use, to keep your comp clean and secure.


I’ve always asked people about what tools they use to keep their computers protected. And most of them use a variety of methods to keep their computers clean.

These tools make the user generally a bit safer from basic forms of internet related dangers; virus etc. and keeps the computer healthier.

So there are 4 categories of tools that I have identified as generally used and have gotten the best reviews from people I know.

They should all be relatively easy to operate and install. Also all are very dependable and light weight programs to run.

The third category programs should be used on a monthly basis at the least.

Most of them should be free but not all.

1. Anti-virus and firewall.

COMODO Firewall

ESET Antivirus

2. Browser related tools.




3. General computer cleaning and maintenance tools.

Your Unin-staller!


Puran Defrag


Spybot – Search and Detroy

4. Common sense

Don’t visit random sites.

Don’t click on Ad’s or follow links posted on forums/social media without seeing if the address seems legit.

Don’t download any random program without researching it first.

Don’t ever post you Passwords on any kind of internet platform unless you are using them to access the account itself.

Remember to sign out.

Keep all your software up to date.

Avoid using public (library computers etc.) devices to conduct your most sensitive internet activities.

Never give any sensitive details or private details over the phone or over email. Even if the source sounds or looks formal. This is due to the rise in so called “social-hacks”. (most legit companies and internet services will never ask for your password)

Also funnily enough a lot of people have started to block their cameras when not using them, on laptops especially. I guess it’s a natural reaction as a result of all the mass scale spying scandals.

These are a few I can remember.

Anyway these are the tools I have heard good things about. I have tested a few of them myself.

I cannot vouch for anything else than the good personal recommendations for these tools. So please correct me if I am wrong or if there are any other tools out there that are even better.

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