One of those days?



So all of us has had one of “those days” now and then.

You wake up late and you feel like your day is over before it started or you have so many things to get done that you dot know where to start.

Maybe all the people around you just seem to know how to get on your nerve today or you forgot that the shirt you wanted to wear was in the laundry basket so you have to wear a wrinkly old thing that you can’t seem to stop being self-conscious about.

You might have gotten in an argument with someone you love or lost something very important to you recently and its eating you up inside.

You may have a common cold, or feel  unwell and completing any task seems 10 times harder.

The weather may be sticky, cold and wet and it’s just ruining your flow.

You could just be feeling very insignificant, bored and all around useless or perhaps dreading something in the near future.

Maybe it just feels like one of “those days” for no reason. “World, just let me be!”

Anyway there are hundreds of reason why this day or any other day just feels like a day that was not meant for you.

These kind of days happen to me now and then for whatever reason. Usually because it’s all in my head. Either way I have found one remedy that never fails, music!

I just feel like there is an aspect of good music that just directly can positively affect the intricate workings of your mind and soul.

So without any further blabbering, here is what saved my day today;

Obviously music, like beauty is a very personal interpretation.

So if this music does not tickle your fancy then obviously play something that just relaxes, makes you smile or just teleports you to a different place.


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