Quality online courses for free.



Do you have extra time on your hand? Looking to beef up your CV? Always been interested about a topic but never had the chance to register for a course? Never tried a online course? Looking for a challenge? You get the gist..

Anyway, I recently found a very useful site where a bunch of world renowned Universities (look at the picture above) have collaborated to make a free online teaching platform for anyone who has access to internet and is interested in learning.

There are a bunch of courses running constantly and signing up is easy. You can either choose to Audit any course (even ones that have already finished) or then try and earn a certificate. Most courses offer Honour Code certificates proving that you passed and completed the course. Others offer you more advanced certificates which I believe you have to pay a small amount for. Either way the courses are all free.

The website and teaching method is extremely well design and easy to follow.

I am personally enrolled in two ongoing courses (Human Rights and Global Poverty). I put roughly 3-5 Hours of work a week for each and so far I am very pleased by both of them.

This is a great tool for anyone interested in learning something new or even brush up on a topic you haven’t been involved in for a while.

I suggest you to take a look!




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