Must see Speech White House Correspondents’ 2014!

Joel McHale, today known for his acting in a well-known series called Community.

In this video he is seen addressing some of the most powerful people in the United States including President Obama.

For those who have followed the amazing series Community, will note that Joel McHale in this video is exactly like the character in the series (Jeffrey Winger).

In addressing the White House Correspondents’ Dinner he leaves no stone unturned and takes a jab at many of the people in the crowd including Obama himself. He also looks at the US and highlights some of the major issues with this Nation.

This in my opinion is a great speech and a well-deserved critique of the way politics and governments in general are conducting themselves.

We need more people like this who stand up and say what they think about what’s wrong with this world, without caring about tiptoeing around problems or protocol for that matter.



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