The uncertainties of being a student..

My Masters is on its final leg having 3 months left to finish my dissertation. This period is both stressful and exciting, the future is unclear but wide open.
Either way there is a lot going on.
So yesterday I received a letter from my landlady terminating my lease for the apartment I am renting. The agreement we had was that I would rent the apartment until my masters would finish.
This obviously came as a shock as I only had a few months left. Her reasoning was that she  wanted to prepare the house for the next Tennant.
Yes, she has every right to do this as she has given me a months notice. However, firstly as a student this is absolutely detrimental as finding an other place to rent for roughly 40 days is close to impossible where I am. Secondly the move during the most important time of my masters can put my work and my degree at risk. Thirdly, this will potentially ruin me financially as I will have to pay for the move, all the taxes related to renting as well as possibly having to pay more for the new place (if I find one) or potentially for a hotel if I do not find a place.
I know life is tough etc, and I know I will get through this but as a Landlady you might want to consider what the effect a move like this can have on your Tennant, especially if they are a student.
Anyway as being a student I have noticed that students do not receive the respect that other ‘normal’ citizens do.
This I think is weird as we are the future of nations and therefore we should get some kind of consideration.
That just my two cents 🙂


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