50 Followers! Amazing :)

The reason I started this blog was to share but mostly document thoughts and things that come to me or happen in my day to day life.

Obviously, by sharing my ideas in a public space means that I don’t mind other people looking at my content. However I did not expect this many “follows”, views, likes and comments.

Therefore I would like to thank everyone who has taken time to look at my very Random posts. It means a lot and I am very grateful!

I know 50 followers is not by any means an amazing feat but for me every view and interaction counts!

I will keep updating my blog and look forward to hearing from you (who ever you are:) about any improvements requests etc.

I am very open to suggestions and I am trying to make my posts more interesting and interactive as time goes by. On that note I admit I am still very new and have no idea what kind of content is interesting for all of you. So far I have approached my posts by looking at what interests me personally and I think I will keep along these lines. However I am very willing to tweak.

Thank you all again!

Have a great day and a start to the weekend.




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