Realised something very obvious about working out..

Throughout my life I have always been very tall and lanky. Not like skinny but lets say fit/thin. And throughout my life I have had periods where I have tried to bulk up to look more muscular and buff but I have Always failed.

At one point I gave up even thinking that I could ever achieve a good muscle mass, I just thought that I was not made for it physically or that I am way too uncommitted to do tons of hours every day at the gym.

This all changed two weeks ago when I asked a good friend of mine who is into body building to give me a workout plan. I was not expecting anything else other than a work out plan with sets and reps but he had also included a meal plan which to be honest I never thought was very important until now.

The amount of food I have to consume each day looked ridiculous because I am very tall and I usually managed with one big meal a day and other random meals now and then (this can be due to the student lifestyle).

Anyway I decided to give it ago, each day eating over 3500 calories and hitting he gym for no more then an hour and doing 2 short jogs a week. After only one week I felt a change!

This was a breakthrough for me and I came to realize that you cannot gain any muscle mass without eating enough. This is so obvious but somehow I never really thought about it, Doh!

Anyway I’m in my third week and I feel like its only working better each day. I feel revitalized and normal now that I am treating my body normally.

Everything makes sense and I feel like I have solved a big question mark that has been plaguing my life so far


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