Amazing discovery – Ice cream bread!

So yesterday I was wathcing a random science show where they asked the viewers that, “what can you do with melted ice-cream, some self raising flour and a microwave?

Well at first I thought it might be some cool reaction that makes the batter expand a lot or do something weird.

But I was wrong.

The self raising flour was added to the melted ice cream to make a dough like paste. Then the dough was put into a square box and inserted into a microwave oven for roughly 2 minutes.

After this the dough which now was a solid looking bread loaf type of thing was taken out of the box or Tupperware. Then it was sliced like bread, put in a toaster and made into a sandwich!

Yes the ice-cream turned into real bread! It looked like it tasted really good with some salty parma-ham and cheese on top.

I was amazed, I really need to try this out!


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