Unsure about how it went.

So as I mentioned yesterday, I had an informal job interview today.

The boss of the company was very nice, professional and asked a bunch of tough questions (which is expected).

I felt that I did ‘sell’ myself pretty well and that generally the interview was fruitful.

He said we would be in touch next week after he talked to he’s team etc.

So it was positive.

However I feel that I would have done a much better job at impressing him if we had been able to speak in English. Because English is the language I have studied in, for most of my life (even though it is not my native language (Finnish) nor my mother tongue (Swedish)).

Anyway I had problems with expressing myself in clear structured thoughts, problems with complex words and generally uncomfortable with the language as a whole.

So lets see what happens! And there is always a next time, so you live learn and grow!

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