Maintaining my laptop.

I have had this specific laptop (Acer Aspire Ethos) for roughly 4 years now.

It was one of the best buys I made to be honest. It did cost a pretty penny and it is quite a beast in size but it has not let me down and still is running strong.

I think one key to this is regular (monthly) maintenance and this is something that most people overlook these days.

Instead of doing a few basic regular cleanups people let their computers get clogged up to the point where they feel like they have to buy a new one..

I do cleanups roughly once a month and this does not take long if you for example let it run through the night.

This includes running a number of (free) maintenance software’s, keeping the dust at bay, cleaning surfaces, separate fan cooling platform, staying off weird sites, not downloading anything you are not sure about, deleting all useless bloatware and generally just treating it well.

So far so good!

Last night I let it De-fragment in Reboot mode which took a good 5 hours and today it feels like a new laptop. Obviously I ran all the other software (registry D-fragmentation, registry cleanup, spyware check, immunizations etc.).

Finally I used dust-off and deep cleansing spray to get the grit and dirt out of the fans and air vents.

Voila! It is good to go for another month.

I hope this does not jinx it though!



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