She pulls it off once again! Sia – Elastic Heart

I dont know what it is about her voice, lyrics, beats and artistic video that makes me unwittingly spell bound.

There is depth and beckoning mystery in her voice that harmonizes so well with the beats, not only in this songs but in may of the others she has thus far produced.

The artistic videos are equally mesmerizing and so complementary to the music that ones mind goes to far away places without any effort.

I appreciate the fact that there is a freedom to interpret the entire artistic expression in anyway one wants.

Moving on to this specific video and the featuring performers in it Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler. First off I think Sia has found a gem in Maddie Zeigler, she has that something, that spell binding effect not only because of her skills as a dancer but something about her persona when she performs. Secondly I have never really liked Shia LaBeouf as a performer per se but with this one I feel like he actually pulled it off. Not sure if its the effect of everything else in this whole composition that made it so but I do feel that it was a legit and impressive part he played.

If there was only one criticism I could bring forward then it would be that some parts of their choreography seemed a bit forced and overly cautious but thats about it.

Otherwise a stunning composition as a whole.

Not sure how others see this but like the age old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in this case including more than just one sense.

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