I was smart today… had to break into my own luggage

So I have a lot to catch up on seeing that I haven’t had the time to post for a week or so. Its been hectic to say the least.

Either way I now find myself in Djibouti. Why? Well this will be covered in another post, hopefully by today if I get the time.

So as I was leaving my hotel room today morning I was locking up my suitcases, putting in all the valuables etc. As I was closing the lock on the last suitcase I noticed that the key for the lock was in the suitcase I just closed… Doh moment. So after a second of random panic and feeling really stupid I remembered a trick I had learned some time a go.

All you need is a ballpoint pen and a suitcase with a zipper. I happened to find an instructional video on Youtube (surprise) so as to avoid me confusing you with explanations, even though its pretty straight forward.

Anyway I managed to break into my own suitcase and retrieve the key without breaking anything.

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