Started an online forum.

This idea came a few weeks a go when I was reunited with some very dear friends. We hadn’t been that long a part (roughly 3 months) but it felt like ages.

I think this is the one big problem with having friends who think the way you do. You miss a few weeks of no contact with them and the amount of information and thoughts you want to share and discuss just becomes ridiculous.

This was the case, we didn’t know where to start and who to start with. All of us (4-5 people) had stories, ideas and thoughts to share, it was a bit overwhelming. So the first thing we did was address this very problem. Someone said “hey, wouldn’t it be good if we had a platform to put our ideas etc. on?”. And then someone said “yeah like an online forum or something right?”.

Thats how it started. We created a forum then and there and now we have a tight knit group of similarly minded people sharing all kinds of information. This I think is really nice because its not like you are messaging anyone, there is no pressure to put anything up, you can read what others are going through or thinking without feeling like you aren’t in touch.

For now it works and we were thinking of possibly expanding the forum to people that are outside the friend group just to get more interesting inputs.

We discus about the whole world in general, phenomenons and links that we see, business ideas, day to day crazy stories etc.Its pretty refreshing.

Oh and it was quite easy and free to create a forum.

If you need any info on the specifics please let me know and I will gladly help.

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