Meaning of life and god as Stephen Fry sees it.

Honestly me giving my opinion on what Stephen Fry says in this interview would be redundant I feel. Because what he says is in itself a personal interpretation on how he understands life. And everyone of us whether we like it or not have formed to some extent similarly an interpretation on life. Therefore I do not feel that how I see life in the larger picture has really any significance to anyone else. We should all form our own through ourselves.

That said there’s nothing wrong with sharing how you think. Just that for me I feel like it’s too personal and complex of a thing to just slur out on a blog. Rather it is something you talk to someone about one on one.

One thought on “Meaning of life and god as Stephen Fry sees it.

  1. “If there is a GOd and what ever kind is is, HE……” a mixed metaphor again. Thanks but no thanks – 2 poofs supporting each other – too much make-up on both.

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