Russell Brand’s rebuttal to Stephen Fry’s God Interview.

Few days a go I posted a short clip where Stephen Fry is interviewed and asked about what he thinks about the notion of a God.…en-fry-sees-it/

Here is a rebuttal to it by Russell Brand.

Interesting to say the least.

2 thoughts on “Russell Brand’s rebuttal to Stephen Fry’s God Interview.

  1. Have to say you are the first person to post this that I’ve seen. I like Brand, I think he talks a lot of sense – until now. I just can’t get into the spiritual energy stuff, I’m totally with Fry here. Funny Brand doesn’t take Fry on personally. I guess he knows he would lose?

    1. Yes I understand how you feel about him. I am also more skeptical about the whole spiritual thing but do understand it better after I read his book ‘Revolution’. But yes besides the religious/spirituality part, he in general makes a lot of sense.
      True, I would actually really enjoy watching a debate between them and see how long it would take before either one looses it or gives up.
      Thanks for the comment btw!

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