Risking permanent hearing loss?

It has been clear for sometime that listening to loud music is bad for you in the long run.

But where is the safe boundary?

According to this recent study the limit is 85 decibels and no more than 1 hour of listening a day.


If this is the case I can say goodbye to my hearing. Personally I don’t listen to loud music a lot, only if I’m in the ‘mood’ but then again I do listen to a lot of music (especially if I am producing).

So my question is, how should I proceed from here on out? Listen to music at very low levels? Cut my listening time drastically? Or just keep doing what I have been doing? I mean so far (knocks on wood) I cannot notice any side effects to my hearing. Maybe it is because I’m still young enough that it hasn’t caught up with me yet.

I am curious to know how much the rest of you listen to music and what experiences you have had. Any advice?

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