The tides are changing, time to face the issues.

The tides are changing quite literally when looking at the melting ice-caps of both poles.

Even the more conservative predictions by scientist paint a grim picture. Essentially the world as we know it, especially geographically is undergoing both irreversible and permanent changes.

The near future will require tough and very calculated decisions in the face of a changing landscape and environment for millions of people world wide. Loss of space equates to the loss of farm-able land, housing, access to clean water and the risk of significantly increasing our pollution of the seas. Mass migrations will take place, exerting pressure on to other regions.

Yet somehow this is of no concern to a large number of people, media is definitely a culprit for this.

We need to realize/accept these coming changes and new dynamics. Stick together and find sustainable futures for all of us. Only by coming together will we have the chance to mitigate the effects of these changing tides.

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