Knowledge based search engine for all those technical questions.

I am sure many know of this search-engine, however for those who don’t here is a very good one.

We can find any sort of information on internet with just few clicks. Normally, we use Google Search or Bing Search engines to find any information. Based on your search terms, Google provides you the matching links to your query which redirect to specific websites. There is another way to find information and it is through Wolfram Alpha.

Google is a search engine where as Wolfram Alpha is a Computational Knowledge engine. It is different from any search engine as it gives you the result exactly matching your query, where as search engines provides you links to websites matching every word of your query. I tried it for few days and came to understand how it is different from search engines.

You just need to enter your query in the search area it has provided and hit enter. It gives you the result matching your query and you will be amazed by the way it works. It does not provide links to websites rather it shows the result of your query in the same window under your search query.


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