Winter walk by the beach.


Travelled to the most southern point of Finland today to meet up with relatives but the weather was so beautiful that before meeting with them I had to take a stroll by the sea.
Clear skies, -16C, calm sea’s and a light cover of powdered snow over everything that wasn’t wet or wind swept. The accumulating ice sheets growl, squeak and snap angrily as I walk by while the snow crunches beneath my sturdy hiking boots. My cheeks feel like they are being kissed by a million tiny electric shocks as they grow numb and warm at the same time. Everything else is still.
It is moments like these I find myself being thankful for having the opportunity to see so many different places of the world. Appreciating the complexity of my existence but yet the seemingly simple chain of events that have led me to live my life the way I have sofar. It is confounding and liberating simultaneously.
I go blank.
My thoughts then turn to people who at this very same moment are struggling to stay alive in this world which is so brutally beautiful and also our only home. People who experience their own beautiful moments but who have been driven to the brink of their existence and now face loosing access to these moments.
I am not sure what all this means but I’m confident that my experience, whatever it may be counted as, will help me contribute to our collective experiences on this planet. Call it collective consciousness. Shedding light, or perhaps further confusing us of our beautifully mysterious existence. The point is that we need to go through this journey both together and alone, without harming anyone in the process.
So I say, let us share this reality, that which we call life and accept that we are all apart of this puzzle. Let’s not be the obstacles to exploration and self realisation. We all have the right to do so and so should we.


7 thoughts on “Winter walk by the beach.

  1. Such an attitude is already positive. Connecting and delighting in the world’s beauty, cannot be negative. Keep shedding that light.

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