Alternatives for your favorite app/software? Here is a great tool to find free and functioning replacements

I was browsing for better versions of apps that I use daily. Because some of the ‘good’ apps that used to be great are now trying to get money off me, have way too many adds or have been updated with features that have made them heavier or more confusing to operate.

But now the problem Ive noticed is that you cannot really trust ratings of apps on platforms like Google play store anymore because the reviews may be fake. And going through tons of apps is frustrating and also boring.

My App searching cycle

-> Search for similar apps > read reviews > try to make up your mind on which reviews you trust > compare it to the rating > read the description > look at the latest updates > google other reviews > then install > test the application > usually uninstall > clean your phone (usually the apps leave useless data etc) > rinse & repeat… <-

But here is a solution that I stumbled upon and it seems to be pretty good. You can search for most applications and it will give you similar suggestions recommended by this community. You will see a description, reviews etc.

Has worked so far for me and seems trustworthy!


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