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Want to know about Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis?

I am currently working on a task which involves designing protocols for operational security. I am using various sources to try and piece together a solid easy plan for others to follow. It is very interesting work but can be

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The risks of being a journalist

Every year, hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned, or killed. This is an interesting site which among other things, maps the risks that journalists face and have been facing since 1992. Maybe not the most positive post to start

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A seemingly boring subject becomes interesting: Credit Risk Management

I enjoy doing online courses as a hobby on the side and recently I enrolled into a course called ‘An Introduction to Credit Risk Management’ by Delft University of Technology. Don’t really know why I signed up for it because

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Interesting thought experiment on how we judge risks.

How do we weigh risks when facing favorable odds? I found it quite intriguing seeing how we view loss and gain. I definitely would be skeptical of betting my 10 vs his 1o bucks on a 50/50 coin toss. However

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The e-cig, good or bad?

I have been passively smoking e-cigarettes for a few months now (low nicotine level). And I have not noticed any major difference in my health or performance. I have never been a smoker by the way, it was just uni

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