A seemingly boring subject becomes interesting: Credit Risk Management

I enjoy doing online courses as a hobby on the side and recently I enrolled into a course called ‘An Introduction to Credit Risk Management’ by Delft University of Technology. Don’t really know why I signed up for it because stats and maths are generally not my strongest area but I did anyway.

Now that the course has embarked on its third week I am super glad that I did decide to take the course because its very well taught and interesting to follow.

A large part of the success is due to the course convener (Pasquale Cirillo) who structured and produced all the material for the classes. He is very good at what he does and knows how to keep students interested and learning at the same time.

On that note there is still time to join and catch up. The course just put up the third week and each week takes roughly 4 hours to go through.

Oh and its free of course! I use the EDX.org platform. You get a certificate at the end or alternatively you can pay 50$ to get a signed certificate.


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