Conspiracy or not?


Throughout my studies within International Relations I have constantly come across what some might call conspiracy theories when it comes to understanding how our world works and what/who runs it. Most of the time I took these theories as a part of an extreme discourse promoted by a small number of radical thinkers. For example the Zeitgeist ( documentaries etc.

However as of late, partly due to the courses I am undertaking but largely as a result of current world events and an ever growing  discourse on the matter I have started to take these radical theories and these messages of warning by various academics more seriously. Not because I want to believe in it but because I am actually starting to fear for the future of mankind (this sounds so much like doomsday preaching I know but bear with me).

I have always known that the way we as humans are evolving with this mind-set of infinite growth and material accumulation will at some point turn around and slap us in the face to put it very, very mildly. Though this has always seemed to be a faraway reality (i.e. not within my lifetime).  Now however,  I am not so sure anymore. There are increasing indicators which would suggest that this, let’s call it “reality check” will happen a lot sooner.

So rather than me trying to explain something that has been explained so much better over and over by different people. I will just list a few resources that have impacted my realization and doubts about the world we live in and where it is heading.

Where-after I will ask you (whoever has the time or interest to read this) if my doubts and  apocalyptic spider senses are legitimate or completely unfounded.

So here’s only a partial list of things you may want to take a look at if this topic interests you:

  1. Cinematic Documentary Called “Collapse”
  2. Look for the “Apocalypse, Man” 6 segment series on (all of them are not out yet to my knowledge but the ones out so far are very interesting, except perhaps the more biographic parts of them)
  3. Check out some of Russell Brand’s interviews and various other materials.
  4. Check out Chris Hedges latest interviews on BreakingTheSet :
  5. As well as Margaret Hefferan’s interview on BreakingTheSet:

These are just a very few of the (video) materials that I have come across which all link back to the highly unsustainable way we are living today. These are mostly all very recent and tie current world events into the discourse. There is a lot of written researched articles and books about it as well.

Anyway please let me know what you think? if you find this interesting or completely Ludacris etc.

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