Music that can take you to an other World.

I have often wondered what makes some music that much better than other music.

This song for instance has the capability to take me into other realms in terms of feelings, imagination and creativity.

Whilst other songs do not even come close to doing the same thing.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like other songs. I just find it peculiar how some songs are so different from others in terms of the effects it has on mood and feelings.

This song for example has the effect of transporting me to another universe. I see vivid beautiful images and I get very happy but calm feelings.

Also I have noticed the importance of quality sound systems that ones uses to listen to music. This plays a huge! role in how music is perceived and felt.

I have come to realize that if music has not been listened to with the best sound producing devices possible,

then one has essentially not truly given the artist a chance to show his or her work.

As a music production enthusiast I have come to appreciate the creative effort of the “Sound” and elements used in any particular track.

Anyway this song, to my ears is truly beautiful.





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