That awkward moment.

I don’t know how many of you experience this.

But lets say you are in public and have just concluded a conversations with a friend, in person, on the phone or via text.

You smile or laugh about something they said or did and turn around to walk away. While turning around you still have this massive grin on your face (possibly even scary looking) and notice a random person walking by and looking at you (usually at a very close distance). You lock eyes and you haven’t had the time to stop grinning, so to save face and not to seem impolite you keep smiling awkwardly until they don’t see you.

Usually when this happens to me which lately has been quite often, people seem shocked and even scared, as I am nearly two meters tall and my massive smile can easily look semi-psychotic outside of any context.

Sometimes I try to say something like “sorry I was not smiling at you” which often makes it worse or, “Hi” which makes me look like some kind of stalker…

Anyway, no harm done I guess.



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