Like getting a new phone – SlimKat software upgrade!

So I have had my Samsung S3 for two years now. It has seen some wear and tear, with a slightly cracked screen (works fine though) and a few dents here and there.

I never did any factory wipes or anything of the sort. It is fair to say that it was extremely slow and sometimes very frustrating. But I got used to it.

So yesterday my cousin who is a gift from god when it comes to any kind of technology said that he could show me how to root and install a smoother faster android operating system. I did know what it means and generally understand the process but he made it look way too easy.

Anyway after the wipe, root and installation he gave my old phone back to me. First of all the design looks amazing. Secondly and most importantly it is ridiculously fast.

Its like a whole new phone its bloody brilliant!

Best of all it is legit, free and now I know how to do it myself, so I’ll probably be helping a lot of friends out when I get back to University.

So anyone out there considering buying a new phone either because you are getting bored with your current one or it is getting to slow, I highly recommend you to do the same as I did. For me at least it gave me renewed hope and inspiration to keep my “old” phone.

On that note it is funny how we consider phones to be old after a year or so when they actually still work well and do the functions we require them to do..



SlimKat Andro

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