So here I am, what is my future?

So here I am, on the final stage of my education. Got only one month left to hand in my Masters Dissertation, where after hopefully I will get my degree which says I am smart enough to work for the rest of my life.

So as you can imagine, my life after September is undecided, which is both a relief in a sense (as the official studying is over) but also very stressful as I need to get “serious” with my life (or what ever the older generation usually tells me).

I am confident I will find something because I’m hard working, dedicated and smart, but will it be something I enjoy or is just motivated by economic gains/constraints?

Anyway that’s not the topic right now. What I am looking for is a job, that I can land with my current experience or lack there off.

I have lived in East-Africa and Scandinavia roughly 50/50 of my life. I have an Undergraduate degree in International Relations and a Masters in Conflict, Security and Development (hopefully in a month or so). I have a very broad range of work experience in different areas, but they have all been Internships, Summer Jobs or Part Timers (So no extensive work experience). I know 5 languages, I’m sociable, creative, quick learner, I like to lead, I easily adapt, I have a multicultural background and finally, I am very hard working.

So on paper I don’t look too bad right?

Well wrong…. as much as I may be an ideal candidate for nearly any type of job, there are a few things missing on my end.

First, I do not have the right connections. (This I feel is pretty much the only thing that you essentially would need to get a job, no matter what background or CV you have. If you know the right person then you have a job #no-nepotism#2014)

Second, many employers expect you to have a 2-4 year “relevant” work experience after you finish Uni… (Um wait, how am I supposed to have that if I’ve studied my whole life? Yes I know there are people who have pulled that off, but honestly if you are really into your studies I don’t see how at least I personally could have achieved that, other than the few internships and part-time work I did.)

Third, competition is fierce. (There will always be a more experienced, better candidate then me. Someone who knows 3 more languages, worked for 2 more years in a “relevant” field, higher or more prestigious education and probably has some kind of previous connection to the company or organization in question.)

Fourth, finding job vacancies. (Many of the opportunities are announced internally or to an exclusive mailing list, if not then the jobs that I do find are so advertised that the chance of progressing to the next stage is like winning a lottery.)

Fifth and final point, the only real chance of getting a “job” is an internship. Now I know there are tons of internships that are paid but most of the ones that fit my qualifications are not. They go something like this. “Unpaid internship position available, in a country that is super expensive to live in or is too expensive to get to. We expect you to pay for your own rent, food, transport, visas and any work related costs. This is a one year position where you will be doing all the donkey work for people who get paid and also they will most likely assume most of the credit for your work. We expect you to devote a minimum of 12 hours daily including weekends. Holidays or days-off are negotiable if you have a good enough reason. Upon the completion of your internship we will give you a piece of paper saying that you were a good slave and this may help you find another organization with a better position.”

Obviously I’m exaggerating a bit, but I do have friends who are going through this exact situation and somehow something does not feel right about this arrangement. I mean at least if you are going to exploit a student with half a life worth of loans then pay for their food, accommodation or anything really.

Anyway I’m not asking for a massive salary or benefits. I am only asking for a chance to get myself out there without too many conditionalities based on wealth, experience or connections (all of which many students like me are without). We are after all the future of this world, so let us show the world our ideas and let us learn what education has not taught us.

On that note, anyone who ever gets this far into this posts firstly thank you and secondly if you have any ideas of where or how I should look for jobs/life-path or whatever please feel free to send me a message.



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