I am sure there is another word for a Facer but this is what some people call one of those people working for a organization like UNICEF or Green-Peace who go out in the streets with their clipboard trying to get people to sign or sponsor one of their on-going projects.

Basically the word Facer comes from their job description which is Face to Face recruitment/selling or marketing.

You can find them often in many European capitals standing around busy intersections trying to grab the attention of pedestrians walking by.

Today for example I met two Facer’s one working for Green-Peace and another one working for a local charity.

Unlike many people I don’t avoid them seeing that they are only doing their job and also because it really doesn’t take that much time out of your day to stop and chat with them.

So today I stood there talking to one of them explaining that I had already signed up for what they were offering (which I had, I swear) and just asking how their day had gone so far etc.

I was told that more and more people find ways to avoid them by giving them excuses for why they cant sign up.

One was, speaking clearly in gibberish so as to pretend that you don’t have any knowledge of the language that the Facer is speaking in (for example English… really?).

Second one was obviously saying that you have signed up already, even though the person clearly cannot remember or explain what it was.

Third one was saying that you don’t have a bank account in the country which means that they will not be able to charge you.

The list went on.

I give these people who work as Facer’s a lot of respect for their persistence in the face of so many people who seem repelled by the idea of even hearing them out.

Must be somewhat frustrating and demotivating when you yourself are trying to often change the world towards the better and seeing so many people come up with explanations to avoid even listening.


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