Positive Job Interview!

So as I mentioned a few days ago I had a interview for a job today.

I researched and prepared the night before and woke up in the morning feeling fresh and confident!

There were two people interviewing me, both in very senior positions and extensive professional backgrounds.

They had a number of tough questions about myself, the organization that I was applying for, regional knowledge and a number of questions to catch me off guard.

I feel that I did get through them in a respectable fashion and that I made a good impression.

Luckily the interview was conducted fully in English.

There was only one question I froze up on and this is the classical one; “What are your weaknesses?”. I had a massive brain freeze which resulted in a awkward silence and me looking at them like a deer in headlights for 10 seconds or so. But I recovered and manged to get a few smiles and polite small talk at the end.

So all in all I feel very positive and hope to get feedback soon!

If this doesn’t work out then its on to the next one.

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