Help the fight against Internet Surveillance through FrootVPN!

Be safe online

Avoid getting your password and other sensitive information intercepted by connecting to FrootVPN. All your data is encrypted while running our VPN service.

Surf Anonymously

Hide your IP address and surf anonymously. FrootVPN makes it harder for third parties to know who you are on the internet. Not even we know what IP address you have.

No logs

We do care about your internet privacy and therefore we do not log anything at all. Also, your details are never shared with any 3rd party.

Hide your identity

Hide your identity online and surf anonymously. When using our VPN service you will be protected behind a encrypted tunnel and no traces can lead back to you

Unblock favorite services

Unblock services like Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, Facebook and many more. With our service your IP address will be switched to a new one and make it look like you are located in a different location and bypass any restriction

And Best of all, it is completely Free as well as Super Fast and Simple to Install!

I happened to find this when I was randomly surfing (on the internet that is).

This was a really a lucky coincidence because for a while now I have been looking to get something similar but most of them are not free.

I registered and did a settings change for my connection and Viola! Worked like a charm on the first try. I had to disable my firewalls during the time my computer was configuring the new connection settings though.

So far it has worked fantastically and I have no complaints.

I also did a bunch of research to see if it really was as legit as it states and found nothing really to indicate anything to the contrary.

I strongly recommend trying it out!

P.S. After registering check out their Guides depending on what OS you are using, also make sure to check out the FAQ’s if you have any questions or troubleshooting issues and finally if you want to see whether it works go to for example.


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