My taken on Ferguson.

Well as many of you by now know, the jury decided not to bring charges over the killing of the unarmed black teenager.

This has resulted in the worst riots yet, with teargas being used by the authorities and reports of gunshots etc.

This is all very sad news and heartbreaking to hear.

I am not well enough informed about the actual killing and the circumstances, but what I have heard (through mainly mainstream media) I was expecting the police-officer to get charges over the incident. I mean it does seem pretty logic to get some kind of repercussion over killing an unarmed person.

So this was a shock to me when I got the news.

But then I started to think about the preparations that the authorities had done preceding the outcome of the ruling, declaring a state of emergency, bringing in man power and anti-riot equipment. This could all seem like good planning but it could also indicate the prior knowledge of the outcome of the ruling.

Either way I think that there should have been some kind of repercussion not only for the sake of justice but also to avoid this anger to boil over and turn into possibly more senseless casualties and further fracturing the community.

My thoughts are with the protesters. However I do also believe that any protest using violence defeats its own purpose.




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