Looking for free Capella’s?

I am an avid music producer during my free time and constantly on the hunt for vocals to spice up some of my tunes.

In the past I have resorted to remixing mainstream songs and it has been a great learning experience. Increasingly however I have felt that remixing songs that a lot of other producers remix is somewhat pointless, so rather than doing this I have been searching for good quality vocals from more unknown artists.

This i feel promotes them and myself, as well as lets me explore outside the real of mainstream in the sense of creativity.

I dont have anything against mainstream other than the fact that I feel it has an stagnating effect on change and the evolution of music in general.

Anyway yesterday I was roaming the internet for some good free vocals and found this site. Took me a while to find a few Capella’s that pleased my ear but there is definitely a good variety although the quality could be more consistent.


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