News; read critically and choose wisely. RT and BBC.

A part of my daily routine includes reading the latest news using my mobile phone, once in the morning and once in the evening.

As of late I have looked at 3 different news sources which include BBC, Al-Jazeera and RT News and have begun to see substantial differences in the types of news that each of these media outlets produce. I am now mainly comparing BBC and RT.

I have always had somewhat trusting and positive outlook on the coverage of BBC and assumed that they cover news stories with the integrity expected from important institutions such as themselves. However recently I have been comparing the stories that they produce to what RT produces and have noticed huge discrepancies.

It seems like BBC has increasingly shifted focus on to covering issues which do not compromise the UK’s and the US political integrity internationally and domestically by producing topics which can either be classified as entertainment or mild propaganda like discrediting other nations, institutions etc. BBC is on its way to become the FOX news of the UK.

RT news on the other hand seems to be covering a much wider range of issues which to be honest fit in with what is happening today world wide. Their stories have a different feel to them and seem to be a lot better researched and unbiased.

There are numerous occasions when I have read something on RT. For example the student riots in the UK and tried to find similar stories on the BBC but to no avail. Or the voting in of the controversial war mongering bill against Russia by the US congress which was not even once mentioned in the BBC.

All of the things I have observed and noticed were enforced by this article I read yesterday.

To some I may sound like I have swallowed the bait of “Russian” propaganda but honestly if you look at the facts, sources and coverage these respective news outlets put forward then it does not take a genius person to choose which one is more trustworthy and honest.

Has anyone else noticed something like this or what do you think? Am I wrong?


3 thoughts on “News; read critically and choose wisely. RT and BBC.

  1. While RT may look at things differently, and yes, while mainstream media in the US and the UK are too close to their governments and, more importantly, to big business, and need to be looked at much more critically than most people do, RT is first and foremost a propaganda channel for the Russian government. It is owned by the government and it is vetted by the government. So, while I too am intrigued by some of its coverage, I must say directly, yes, you are wrong – not in the sense that you asked, but in the sense of supporting and trumpeting RT’s virtue as a unbiased news alternative.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your insight. I must confess that I have not done a lot of research on RT and how heavily their coverage is influenced by the Kremlin but as you said it probably is significant. I guess I should have made it clearer that I was comparing mainly BBC’s coverage to that of RT’s. Im not saying RT is in anyway the best alternative out of everything that is available, merely that through a few years of observation my trust in BBC has plummeted and that my preferred alternative is by far RT out of the two, the difference in my opinion being very significant and hence my preferred support of RT. That being said, having a background in political science I obviously do look at a variety of different ‘less’ biased sources but when wanting to get a quick re-cap of daily news I indulge my self in these so called mainstream options.

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