Diving in Djibouti.

Weekends here go according to the Muslim majority, Friday to Saturday just like some other Muslim countries. So yesterday (sat) being my ‘ Sunday’ I booked a trip to go diving outside Djibouti City next to an island called Ile Moucha. The open deck diving boat left at around 8:30 in the morning and took about 40 minutes to get to the island where it dropped anchor. The divers were then briefed for the first dive which was a wreck dive. We got on to a skiff and started making our way to the dive site taking roughly 30 minutes. However as we were getting close the engine decided to give up and we spent over 1 hour drifting in the sun and the calm sea’s  (it got hot).  After a bit a replacement boat came to pick us up and take us back to the main boat because it was lunch time. With the failure of the wreck dive the instructors decided to do two dives instead at a canyon next to were we were. It was very beautiful and there was a lot of marine life all around. The visibility was quite clear and the temperature as well as current was perfect. I also did some skills during the dive as a part of my Advanced Open Water course. All in all it was a brilliant day, a lot of sun and fresh sea breeze. I would definitely recommend anyone who is into diving to do it when in Djibouti. There are tons of dive sites that are incredible (like diving between the tectonic plates). Here are a few pics, unfortunately I didn’t get any better pictures as I could not have my phone during the dives. or while preparing for them.

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