White Sands Dive Trip

Yesterday I embarked yet on another diving trip herein Djibouti.

Got up at 7, got ready, grabbed a few croissants on the way and boarded the boat.

The weather was clear blue, warm and calm. We had a group of about 20 people of which 6 were diving and the rest snorkeling. It took about 1.5 hours to get to the white sands which basically is on the opposite side of the Djibouti bay towards Yemen.

We anchored next to a beach with some few huts for tourists. The marine life in this area is very rich, beautiful and untouched. So after we arrived the divers geared up and got into the water. Our max depth was at 60 feet for both dives and the maximum time was 60 minutes.

We saw a lot of different fish and creatures. I just relax and take a moment to disconnect under water. It is one of those times when you get to leave all your troubles and worries of the surface behind and focus on this new world.

After both dives I decided to go for a quick snorkel and subsequently got a bit of a sunburn. Oh well it happens and I can’t complain really. It was a great trip!

Ps. Im the tall guy in the white shirt 🙂

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