Back in the Sauna

Its been a week or so again, even though I tried to get back into a steady rhythm of posting.

Anyway that’s life 🙂

So im back to the intense heat of Djibouti. Its not so much the heat that’s the problem now but the fact that Ramadan is ongoing simultaneously to the summer heat which makes life here, well kind of restricted. Most shops and restaurants do not open until around 8pm properly. So if you do not have food or drinks from the previous day you will have to spend roughly 12+ hours before you can fuel up. This forces even the non-Muslims to fast.

Im not against fasting but when you have to operate at full capacity (as if you were not fasting) for 8-10 hours in 5o + Celsius and 60-80% humidity it can get slightly overwhelming and frustrating.

Anyway I wont complain, Im still loving every bit of it.

Diving becomes a highlight even more during this time of the year. Was on one trip last weekend and planning to go for a wreck dive this weekend too.

Will try to upload pictures once the internet allows.

Over and out!



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