Well hello there ;)

So maybe some might notice that this is the first post in quite some time. I obviously have a bunch of excuses that are super interesting and which I have to tell you all about… or maybe Ill skip it this time?

Anyway a lot and nothing has changed. I’m still lost in this big scary world wondering where to go, who to believe in and what to do. Sounds desperate, but if I’m honest I really don’t mind. World keeps spinning and people keep on killing or something like that.

Either way this post is not supposed to make a lot of sense as I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging on some kind of regular basis again. So more randomness and weird thoughts in store. And maybe if you are lucky you might find a few nuggets of inspiration and awesomeness in a post here or there 😀

Hope you (however is out there) are doing well.

much love


(and yes that’s me)

5 thoughts on “Well hello there ;)

  1. The words, thoughts, inspiration (breathing in Latin, right?) will all come when the time is right… or seconds before… or a minute after… you know what I mean.

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