Update on whats been going one for the last few months.

So my work-stint in Djibouti came to an end a few months back. It was truly an amazing experience even though it had its challenges (especially climate). My contract ended there so I headed out to look for the next adventure.

I returned to Finland to see family and friends and to reorganize myself. A week later I was off to Morocco to visit a friend. The trip was brilliant and I definitely recommend Morocco to anyone. Its beautiful, vibrant and fun. So after Morocco I flew back to Finland where I was looking for jobs and new adventures. Then something came up and I was flown to Kenya for a 1 week job interview (this is where I am now).

The interview was super intense but went well. I’m supposed get the result this week hopefully. Today I am traveling back up North sadly. The weather in Nairobi is amazing and I know what will be awaiting me back in Finland… cold, dark and wet.Oh well, I shouldn’t complain I guess. At least I got to visit Kenya again.

Anyway that’s a very short recap of whats been going on. I’ll be posting pictures of the past few months in upcoming posts.


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