Childish grownups…

I was on a short trip to London last weekend to visit a friend and surprise her for her birthday. The weekend itself was brilliant!

But the actual trip was not as nice. Mainly because my first leg from Belgrade to Frankfurt got cancelled as we were taxing for take-off. Some technical issues apparently.

Anyway its fair to say that most passengers of the flight weren’t pleased with this situation and rightly so. Its a horrible feeling not knowing when you will get to your destination especially if you have important things to do (which we all think we do). So obviously people were not happy and started complaining about this to the ground staff who were doing their best to resolve the situation.

Long story short, there were certain passengers who started acting the way children do when they do not get their own way or enough attention. People whom, if you saw on the street you would assume to be well mannered and composed adults.

But when put into a situation like this, they change and become senseless rude idiots. I do not get this kind of behavior at all… Because nothing, and I mean nothing good comes out of you insulting, raising your voice or speaking condescendingly to people who are trying to help you. Not only this but also don’t they think about that everyone else is similarly frustrated by the situation? Or do they believe that everyone is totally happy and have nothing better to do than waiting at the airport for an additional 4 hours.

I understand that when things don’t go your way, we can react differently. But let it be a reaction (short one), then get off your high horse and take a look at the bigger picture. Taking a step back and having a big deep breath never hurt anyone. Especially if you have younger generations around you. What kind of role-model are you being to the future generations?

London inbound

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