Anyone looking for CV editing know-how (for free)?

CV Coffee

The plague of many job applicants is the arduous and unsatisfying task of editing one’s CV to fit the employers obscure and often confused instructions (if any exist). What format (EU, US, UK etc..), who is the audience, what information, layout, page limit, references, and so on..?

I have experienced this for many years and have amassed over a 100 different versions of my own CV both on my hard drive and uploaded to various online application platforms. It is a huge task and very unrewarding especially if you are applying for multiple positions weekly. You get fatigued and end up producing less impressive CV’s as time goes by, even for the occasional dream position.

Having been in this kind of a situation myself, combined with my current job which partly focuses on recruiting experts and presenting/selling them to clients thought the use of CV’s. I have gained both training and exposure to what potential employers are looking for.

So here is my offer. I will gladly help out people with editing or advising them on their CV’s. And free of course! Something I do during my free time for other family and friends 🙂 Note that it may take some time depending on how busy I am.

Message me if you are interested!



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