Non-stop travel 2018: Part 5 – Copenhagen/Zurich

One part of the trip you see below to Zurich was the starting point of 4 weeks traveling to two weddings, one in Khartoum and another one in Mombasa. Both of which were for two of my good friends from Uni time in Kenya.

I will post about these weddings separately. Second part of these pictures come from Copenhagen where I was stationed for work in the beginning of Summer. Super nice city and cool people!

Tip: If flying through Zurich and have a layover over night. Stock up with food and water prior to 11pm, or book a hotel. Because the airport shuts down after 11pm and opens sometime in the morning… You can stay inside but there is literally nothing open. Super frustrating and really inconvenient. Staff there will tell you to go into the City and have all night drinks at some local bar.

Previous Post (Kiev) here:

3 thoughts on “Non-stop travel 2018: Part 5 – Copenhagen/Zurich

  1. Nice post and photographs. It’s really shocking to know that Zurich airport serves no food after 11. That was a good tip indeed.

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